Plantas De La Costa (Biota)

Plantas De La Costa (Biota)

This is a guide to the plants, native and naturalized, that grow on the land or in the water on the shores of the River Plate, and the area of the Delta of the Parana and Uruguay rivers. This is the first text in a series of botanical guides to the area of the Delta and River Plate. It is written and illustrated by 20 specialists under the guidance of the Commission for Scientific Investigation of the Province of Buenos Aires. The names of the plants are given in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Guarani, as well as Latin. One hundred and twelve species are described with their uses, geographical distribution, ecology, origin of the scientific names and a short account of the Linnean classification.

  • Título: Plantas De La Costa (Biota)
  • Nombre del archivo: plantas-de-la-costa-biota.pdf
  • ISBN: 9509725250
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: December 31, 1997
  • Número de páginas: 200 páginas
  • Autor: Hector B. Lahitte
  • Editor: L.O.L.A. (Literature of Latin America)

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