Diez Mil Millones
Stephen Emmott

Diez Mil Millones

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This is a horror story. Like Frankenstein, we have created the monster and we are its victims as we try, without success, to stop it. The facts are simple: the worlds population is growing, resources are limited and the consequences of exploiting these resources are irreversibly changing the conditions of life on our planet. This isnt just another polemic. The author of this book is a scientist and everything that appears in this book comes from researchthat gives us the same message: we are condemned. We throw away half of what we consumeas if everything is inexhaustible; we exploit natural resources as if they came from nothing, and we continue to spread across the face of the earth. Whatever we do, whether we escape to the countryside or kill ourselves, the result is the same. We will not be able to avoid our own disappearance as a species.

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